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All songs written and performed by Razorblade Monalisa.

Production and product design by Jules Alcouffe. Photography by Razorblade Monalisa and Ioana.

All songs ©2005 Razorblade Monalisa.

 Eyes (BWR11)

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1. Eyes 2:52 Lyrics
Disconnected 4:02 Lyrics
Fall 4:08
4. Fall (Long) 5:00


By Bino Prassa

She sold herself at the pleasure bar
Her cutout memories left her scarred
Now Molly's got her mirror eyes
She spits her tears, won't see her cry

She looks at me with x-ray eyes
My longing heart can't be disguised
She's hard as chrome as fast as light
She'll only stay with me the night

I need to find myself new eyes
That see through walls and pierce the night
View far horizons, burn through lies
Tell me where to buy new sight

Rikki got her eyes today
She took my money ran away
They're crystal blue the latest style
To go with fashion model smiles

She left me here to seek her fame
To be a star, to be the same
Now billboard faces with her eyes
Are all her waving me good bye

Repeat Chorus

By Bino Prassa

I'm only faking it I feel no satisfaction
Every emotion is a well-rehearsed reaction
I stay awake at night and count electric sheep
I'm just pretending when you see me fall asleep

Please don't unplug me, I'm a disconnected boy
Use me and lose me electric synthetic toy

I am alone inside my artificial skin
I'm not your fellow man I'm not your citizen
The Mercer box is always out of reach to me
My very being is an act of heresy


Don't unplug me I'm already disconnected